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RS232 IR Blaster

Our RS232 IR Blaster is designed to work with LIRC and works great with numerous PVR projects including MythTV and Freevo

Standard MythTV LIRC IR Blaster


  • › Female DB9 Connector
  • › 7 Foot Cord
  • › Sticks directly to your cable or satellite box
  • › Ultra compact IR Emitter
  • › Protocol Independent (36 KHz, 56 KHz, etc)
  • › IR Transparent (your regular remote will still work)

Installation Guides:

IR Blaster on cable box example
Standard MythTV LIRC RS232 IR Blaster (Pictured) $12 Add to Cart
Light Up MythTV LIRC RS232 IR Blaster
Just like the standard, but with a clear IR Head
That lights up red on TX
$16 Add to Cart
Double Headed MythTV LIRC RS232 IR Blaster
Two Standard IR Heads connected to one DB9
$23 Add to Cart
Click here to control more than 2 devices

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