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FTDI USB IR Receiver

FTDI (FT232RL) based USB IR Receiver. This product is designed to work with the with the FTDI based LIRC driver in linux.

Please read our blog post about this receiver design before ordering.

If you are not using linux and LIRC please consider our true RS232 products with built in microprocessors

usb ftdi ir receiver

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Arduino Based True Serial Receivers

IR Receivers with a built in arudino micro-controller allow for true serial port communication over a USB virtual com port. Plug and play: Device shows up as a virtual com port and can decode and/or analyze IR Signals. No special software required on PC/embedded applications.

Firmare Option 1: IR Dump

Part of the IRLib2 examples: prints and analyzes IR codes

Example output:

#define RAW_DATA_LEN 26
uint16_t rawData[RAW_DATA_LEN]={
                                        2386, 618, 1174, 610, 606, 582, 610, 582,
        1202, 586, 610, 582, 606, 586, 606, 590,
                                                        1206, 582, 610, 582, 634, 558, 610, 582,
                        634, 1000};

Decoded Sony(2): Value:910 Adrs:0 (12 bits)
Raw samples(26): Gap:45202
  Head: m2386  s618
0:m1174 s610    1:m606 s582              2:m610 s582    3:m1202 s586
4:m610 s582     5:m606 s586              6:m606 s590    7:m1206 s582
8:m610 s582     9:m634 s558              10:m610 s582   11:m634
Mark  min:606    max:1206
Space min:558    max:610

Firmware can be modified by using the Arduino IDE and selecting an Arduino Nano board. Custom firmware also available upon request.

Arduino Based USB IR Receiver
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