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D1 Mini WiFi IR TX/RX Breakout

The D1 Mini breakout contains 3 x 3.5mm T/R/R/S jacks that can directly interface to our IR receivers and emitters. Mutliple IR emitters can be installed via stereo to mono breakout cables. Custom sensors can also be added easily with 3.5mm to bare wire cables. The Breakout cable shown below is pictures with one IR Receiver and one IR Emitter. The breakout board also has a footprint for an LM75 temperature sensor which is not installed by default, btu can be added by special order.

By default we ship boards with the ESP8266 HTTP IR Blaster software which is based on the IR remote ESP8266 with only a few minor modifications:

Download zip file of our modifications:

Code from esphomeyaml can be easily uploaded for use under home assistant


3.5mm jack pinouts:

J1 - IR RX / I2C3.3V (5V Optional)D7 (GPIO13)GroundD6 (GPIO12)
J2 - IR TX / MISCD2 (GPIO4)D1 (GPIO5)GroundD5 (GPIO14)
K3 - MISC/ANALOGD4 (GPIO2)A0GroundD8 (GPIO 15)

Schematic: esp8266_ir_d1_mini.pdf

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D1 Mini breakout board + ESP8266 D1 Mini Only + Receiver cable + Emitter Cable ($5 savings) $27 Add to Cart

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Custom ESP8266 IR Platform

Coming soon: Our custom platform is 100% software compatible to the D1 mini breakout, but fits in a compact case.



Home Assistant

The applications for WiFI based IR receviers and Emitters are similiar to that of our LIRC products, but in some cases integration with other quaotmation platforms may be easier since there is no need to run LIRC

Our original WiFi IR system was our Lirc on a router project. However, this is now impractical. For the past 5 years we have been deploying global cache products whenever we needed WiFi IR products. This is still a good optin in some commerical applications, but the cost can be prohbitive in many home or smaller scale commercial projects. More recently we have turned to open source projects around the ESP8266. We can connect our tivo style ir emitters and motorola style ir receivers directly to ESP8266 boards to create easy to use and low cost wifi/ir integrations. This can be done with both readily available open source boards as well as our custom boards which have 3.5mm jacks designed for ir emitters/receivers directly integrated on the board.